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Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Curuk Nangka, Curug Daun, Curug Kawung, dan Curug Belong

In terms of history, a name taken from a tourist waterfall Jackfruit Jackfruit tree that has fruit with rolls of bedding, and the tree was just the one tree near the waterfall (Waterfall - in Sundanese, red), the. From there the people, eventually called the location with the name "waterfall Nangka".

In addition, the proficiency level waterfall, believed there was a hole that can penetrate into the Location Cipatuhunan Kute Maneh Sukabumi, and at the waterfall there is also a place, or room for air-meditation.

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011


Bogor District has a diverse tourism. Many interesting sights are often visited by tourists, both natural attractions, agro, historical, religious, culinary tours, and cultural arts. Some areas that became a tourist destination in the area of ​​Bogor, Bogor, especially the West, among them:

Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

3 waterfall near from Jakarta

1. Curug Nangka (waktu tempuh 1 jam)

Curug Nangka
Tourist area jackfruit has a natural waterfall in a very natural and cool. Naturalness of this place is still evident with the number of wild monkeys that often times we meet, even the monkeys will come over to us if we spread out the food as bait. This tourist area exists at three waterfall, two of which have a height of less than 10 meters with crystal clear water pool underneath that can make our water playground. This area is also suitable for families, especially for small families who want to introduce nature from an early age for their children. But nevertheless, must remain cautious. To enjoy the fresh natural waterfall Jackfruit, Rp. 7500 we should spend as retribusinya.