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Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Curuk Nangka, Curug Daun, Curug Kawung, dan Curug Belong

In terms of history, a name taken from a tourist waterfall Jackfruit Jackfruit tree that has fruit with rolls of bedding, and the tree was just the one tree near the waterfall (Waterfall - in Sundanese, red), the. From there the people, eventually called the location with the name "waterfall Nangka".

In addition, the proficiency level waterfall, believed there was a hole that can penetrate into the Location Cipatuhunan Kute Maneh Sukabumi, and at the waterfall there is also a place, or room for air-meditation.

Many also said that the waterfall Jackfruit is a place of pilgrimage, said elders who occupied it, among others: Raden Surya Kencana, Haji Gempor Bah, Bah Jamrong, etc..

Apparently the location of this Jackfruit Curung, was once the site of some of the waterfall, where above the waterfall Jackfruit, there is a waterfall, called "waterfall Leaves."

Waterfall leaves a puddle for the shower. From the history of the name of the waterfall leaves appear, because there are people who previously saw that the waterfall is any leaf of the door, then up to now people call it Curug Leaf.

Leaves above the waterfall there is also a waterfall called "waterfall Kawung," the name is because previously there was a tree Kawung / Aren near the waterfall, the skarena legend, then until now, the tree kawung is no one who dared to cut them down.

There is still another one in the parking area near waterfall Jackfruit, the "waterfall Kali Belong Dead." Eternity, waterfall showers are Dutchmen, and the place is at once a place of grinding stones, by karenya until now still called Curug Belong.

Jackfruit waterfall opened by Perhutani in 1991 Travel Wana so wide waterfall Jackfruit with 17 ha plot 40a RPH Sukamantri BKPH KPH Bogor Bogor, including in the administrative area and the village of Mountain Village Sukajadi poor Bogor Regency Castle District.


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