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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

3 waterfall near from Jakarta

1. Curug Nangka (waktu tempuh 1 jam)

Curug Nangka
Tourist area jackfruit has a natural waterfall in a very natural and cool. Naturalness of this place is still evident with the number of wild monkeys that often times we meet, even the monkeys will come over to us if we spread out the food as bait. This tourist area exists at three waterfall, two of which have a height of less than 10 meters with crystal clear water pool underneath that can make our water playground. This area is also suitable for families, especially for small families who want to introduce nature from an early age for their children. But nevertheless, must remain cautious. To enjoy the fresh natural waterfall Jackfruit, Rp. 7500 we should spend as retribusinya.

2. Curug Luhur (waktu tempuh 1 jam)

Curug Luhur
Sublime waterfall is located on highway traffic Bogor - Mount Endah barking. The location is relatively easy to reach height of the waterfall is what makes the sublime visited at any time. If using public transport route to take is Kampung Rambutan - Terminal Baranangsiang - Ramayana - Ciapus. Tips from me, when about to ride public transportation to Ciapus you should say to the driver angkotnya if you want to Curug Luhur. Because public transportation route passes through two tours waterfall at once. That waterfall and waterfall Luhur Jackfruit. Or if you want to travel to this waterfall by train, you get off at the train station and ride public transportation majors bogor Ramayana and connected with a public transport destination Ciapus again. For those who use private vehicles traveling to the lofty waterfall, get through some alternative path, one can by road towards the Bogor leuwiliang, turn on the junction Cikampak, and trace the path to tenjolaya (Turn left and hold), it will go through the waterfall Luhur. In the lofty waterfall tourist area is already built many facilities and a swimming pool that surrounds the location of its twin waterfall. Unfortunately the swimming pool is built extremely irregular and built with makeshift construction to make this location becomes less beautiful waterfall tours and minimize naturalness. Under the waterfall there is a natural pond had clear water, pool waterfall Noble is relatively wide enough and getting closer to getting the waterfall, it is said there are whirlpools that can suck people underneath if not careful.

3. Curug Seribu (waktu tempuh 1 jam)

Curug Seribu
Thousand waterfall is the largest waterfall that is the region of Mount Salak Bogor Endah. This waterfall is also quite difficult to reach with a track down the steep and slippery. But precisely here is tantanganya, conditions make it difficult to reach this location is still very natural without any touch of human hands. And for the same reason, visitors who came were not as busy as any other waterfall waterfall-until we can enjoy the natural beauty of this waterfall a thousand more freely but still be careful.

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