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Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011


Bogor District has a diverse tourism. Many interesting sights are often visited by tourists, both natural attractions, agro, historical, religious, culinary tours, and cultural arts. Some areas that became a tourist destination in the area of ​​Bogor, Bogor, especially the West, among them:

Tourism Regions Mount Salak Endah (GSE)

GSE is located on the west side Bogor District, distance about 40 km from the city of Bogor. GSE region is an unspoiled stretch of mountains, cool and fresh air. No wonder that many people call it a summit to-2. In GSE there are several attractions worth a visit, one of the only waterfall Cigamea located in Kp. Relieved swamp juice Mountain Village. Although the waterfall height not exceeding 50 meters but pristine natural environment and fresh air that makes us want to linger there. As with the waterfall Thousand, with a waterfall height exceeds 50 meters, this waterfall looks more beautiful and very amazing.

In addition to the two waterfalls at the top, there is another crater Queen. The crater is situated at an altitude of 1338 m above sea level with a temperature of 10-200 C and has an area + 30 Ha. This crater has a unique charm, among other geological activity. Throughout the day kepuncan always a boil and remove sulphate natural gas (H2S) with a distinctive smell and rumbling noises sometimes. Another tourist attraction is a waterfall hiding, as the name "hide" means "hidden", it looks somewhat hidden waterfall. With a panorama of nature and keasriannya, this waterfall is not less interesting with another waterfall in GSE.

There was also the source of hot water Lokapurna located in Kp. Ciparay Gunung Sari village. There are also swimming pools, bathing room, praying and others. For a hobby of adventure, in the region there are also GSE Bunder Mountain Campgrounds, located on the slopes of Mount Salak with a height of 800 meters above sea level and air temperature between 18-230 C. Natural scenery is so beautiful, because of its location in the area of ​​pine forest and Rasamala.

Tourism Village Traditional Cinangneng

Traditional Village Tour Cinangneng-Ciampea, is an interesting tourist attraction, because here we can see or work directly in husband-there rural nature, such as plowing fields, bathing water buffalo, rice planting, even stay and enjoy the countryside cuisine.

Religious Tourism

In addition to natural attractions and the inscription, in Bogor West tourist destination, there is also the religion or religious tourism, one of which is Pura Agung Jagatkhartha Parahyangan, with the meaning of Nature Gods perfect purity. This temple is a temple spread in West Java, and is Stana (residence) of King Siliwangi and all ancestors in West Java. Every week many were visited by pilgrims from Bogor and from other areas.

Curug Luhur

This waterfall is located in the Village of Mount Gunung Malang Malang District. Named Luhur waterfall (height) because of the height reached + 50 meters with the natural environment and beautiful scenery, waterfall is not lost with other attractions. Existing facilities in the vicinity of the location is lodging, restaurants, mosque and others.

Curug Jackfruit

This waterfall is + 15 km from the heart of the city of Bogor, located at an altitude of 750 masl +, and its location adjacent to the campground Sukamantri ecotourism.

Goa Gudawang

Goa Goa is a series of very unique and interesting. Gudawang name comes from the word "horse Lawang" which means tail / ponytail is in braids. In this area there are 12 Goa, but only 3 that have been developed / maintained and opened to the public, namely: Simenteng Goa, Goa and Goa Sipahang Simasigit.

Hot Water Ciseeng

Ciseeng Hot Water is a Mountain Limestone in the middle of rice fields that emit hot water with very high levels of sulfur, where the water can cure many skin diseases. Hot Water Ciseeng Tirta Sanita is located in District Parung Bojong Indah Village + 26 km from the city of Bogor.

Stone Write Ciaruteun

Bogor Tourism Destination Region West has a wealth of art and culture, among which are prehistoric relics such as stone Write Ciaruteun. Located on the banks of the river border Ciaruteun Ciampea District and District Cibungbulang. At the location of Stone Write Ciaruteun there is also other historical relics such as: Inscription Kebon Coffee I, which contained an elephant foot Airwata as King Purnawarman vehicle, then the inscription Kebon Coffee II, which was situated on the river and there Pallawa lettered Sanskrit writings. Other relics such as: Stone Dakon, Jambu inscription, Garisul and Urug Indigenous Village which is a wealth of Bogor District priceless.

Art and Culture

Traditional arts Bogor Regency West, among them the Angklung Gubrag, art is a combination of Pencak Silat and playing angklung art that is larger than usual. Angklung is only found in Bogor Regency. Located in the village of Kampung Cipining Argamulya Cigudeg District. Also in Bogor Regency there is also a ceremony Seren Taun, which is the year's events, in a welcome turn of the Islamic new year and harvest, there are at Kampung Taman Sari Sindang Goods District.

Typical craft Bogor

Some typical results of artisans craft Bogor such as sandals, shoes, bags, steering wheel, puppet show, crafts dried flowers are typical of the Bogor Regency West. In addition to attractions that described above, there's more potentially other attractions, but not yet developed, among them Setu Kadongdong located in the Village District Koleang Jasinga. The travel distance + 42 km from the city of Bogor westward. The extent of the Ha + 10 Setu potential to be developed as tourist attractions tirta. (IP / Budpar District Office. Bogor)


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